Most pieces are at least 5"x 29". A few are 4.5" x 29"


This taffeta tears easily with one pesky string to remove. It is fun to hook or braid or add to applique. It adds a shine to all projects.  One side has more prounouced ridges; use either side.  I tear strips 1/2-3/4" wide to start; you can go up or down from there and vary width to add interest.

For hooking either hook with raw edges showing or fold in while pulling loops.  When hooked it gives a knobby texture, which compliments wool and especially velvet.


If you want a larger piece, check quantity; If there are two pieces of the above size, it will allow you to order a quantity of 2.


I would be glad to custom dye larger pieces or custom colors.

Also, many of the taffetas were dyed with velvets so are very complimentary. Contact me if you would like a photo of two together. 


Zoom to see colors more accurately. Email me with questions or to have me describe colors more fully.

Hand Dyed Taffetas