Open, Wide Scarves. Loop once or twice for a beautifully draped scarf.  This category is made from two pieces of velvet shown in the shop so once sewn and turned, they are approximately 6" wide and various lengths, see below. Dip dyed and mottled are especially attractive when made into a scarf.

Spot clean with cold water; if necessary wash in cold separately

Scarf descriptions:

1. Orange and Green mottled; 58 x 6"

2. Green and Taupe; 56 x 5"


Want a different one?

1. Go back to Shop and choose 2 full pieces of velvet from the color groupings.

2. Choose H above.

3. Indicate in text field below which pieces you have chosen.

4. I will make and send to you. 

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Open, Wide Scarf


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