6" x 30" pieces .

This collection is specifically dyed for  Valentine projects: reds, pinks and purples.  Look in other categories for more  colors which might work for your projects. Spot clean cold water.

NOTE: Deep reds not guaranteed color fast.


1 is a medium Santa Red;  lightly mottled; 3 is crimson/wine; 5 is a light Santa Red; 6 is a heavily mottled pink with darker; 7 is a slightly dull red; 8 is a very light pink;9 is bluish Santa Red; 10 is a mottled pink; 11 is a heavier mottled pink; 12 is a deep Santa Red; 14 is a soft pink; 15 is a heavier mottled pink; 17 is a medium pink.


Email me with questions or to describe color more fully.I am happy to rephoto or photo pieces together for comparison.

Valentine Velvets


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