This collection includes 3 fabrics dyed in  the same dyepot.
Fabrics include: 
6x30" of stretch velvet;
5x29" taffeta; and
5x25”poly 'silk'
I find it fascinating to see what happens when different fabrics are ‘married’ in the same dyepot.  Each fabric takes the dye a little differently; sometimes very close, sometimes not, yet with the same value.  
I have not offered my poly 'silk' for sale until now, but I have used it in my own designs. One side is slightly pearly, iridescent. I start with 1/2-3/4" width. It hooks up less shiny and knobby than taffeta and not as much drape as velvet. A nice complimentary texture. There are examples of poly 'silk' in the gallery.
Each photo has velvet, taffeta and poly 'silk' from same dyepot. Let me know if you would like me to try a new color. No obligation.

Trios-3 fabrics, same dyepot!