This collection includes 3 fabrics dyed in  the same dyepot.

Fabrics include: 

6x30" of stretch velvet;

5x29" taffeta; and

5x29' poly 'silk'


I find it fascinating to see what happens when different fabrics are ‘married’ in the same dyepot.  Each fabric takes the dye a little differently; sometimes very close, sometimes not yet with the same value.  


I have not offered my poly 'silk' for sale until now, but I have used it in my own designs. One side is slightly pearly, iridescent. I start with 1/2-3/4" width. It hooks up less shiny and knobby than taffeta and not as much drape as velvet. A nice complimentary texture. There are examples of poly 'silk' in the gallery.


Each photo has velvet, taffeta and poly 'silk' from left to right. 


I am offering these for $16 which is the a la carte price for velvet and taffeta. The poly 'silk' is essentially 'free'. Velvets and taffetas may be for sale separately in their color categories.

Trios-3 fabrics, same dyepot!

Color Choice

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