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       Velvet Basket Directions
            Basket #2: All Butted


This basket is what I call a variation of basket #1, or I guess a hybrid-hybrid; continuous base, taper, flat butted row and 2 butted rows up the side. The flat butted row gives more stability to the taper area and if you use an all one color row, gives contrast.


As with basket #1, it is faster than an all butted basket, yet has the advantage of a smooth top and the possibility of altering each row color-wise. Also, the inside of the basket can be the 'better side'. 



1 of my Full velvet pieces ; 1 of my Full undyed pieces (6x30”)

Lacing thread; I prefer thinner thread such as linen or vintage carpet and button thread but normal cotton splicing thread will work.

Cut 3 strips of dyed velvet at 1.5” width and 4 undyed strips. A rotary cutter and healing mat is the best way to get a sharp edge. Fold the velvet piece twice nap down, so that the piece is about 15” then cut. 

Begin the base with any method you prefer, 2 undyed and one dyed strip; I like the enclosed end start for baskets because it makes a nice flat start. Braid as usual with double folds. Since the velvet is stretch, it may take a little practice to feel comfortable braiding. Use hemostat to adjust the folds if necessary. Braid fairly tightly, but not to the point of stretching the velvet too much. Practice!

Braid for about a 5” diameter base. Use a short taper and pull the base to disguise the taper. If you press, use only medium heat, right side down and with a pressing cloth. Velvet will burn so be careful with heat. Because the velvet is stretch it is usually not necessary to press, just pull into shape. Photo in center shows bottom. 

Make a butted row, all dyed or same 2 undyed and one dyed,  and lace onto the base flat to make the base larger, now almost 7". ​

Braid and butt 2 rows for basket sides, using your preferred butt method. I prefer Annie’s Fanny but all methods are good. Braid so that the base is facing up. Readjust loops with hemostat.

​A half piece of dyed velvet will make this basket if you have every row 2undyed and one dyed. A full piece of dyed will be necessary if you want an all dyed,  flat butted row.


Other variations are possible, all dyed for top row, etc. 

Contact me or visit the Shop Basket page if you want to choose velvet and have me make you this basket!

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