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Hand-dyed Velvet Infinity Scarf Directions


Need: Piece of velvet 6-8”x 58” for double infinity (wrap around twice or three for turtleneck). Need piece of velvet 6-8” x 26-28” for a single infinity scarf.
1.    Double the velvet, selvage ends together, nap down, line up edges, and trim off any excess to get straight edges. Trim selvage if desired.
2.    Cut the piece from the top about 2.5” wide, and using a ruler to measure 6” down vertically from top edge mark each side. Using a long ruler and rotary cut both thicknesses from top edge to the 6.5” mark at an angle.  See diagram, below.
3.    Fold piece together, right side and nap side in, line up start and ending narrower ends together and pin. Pin the length of the piece or not, depending on your comfort.
4.    Sew down the length of the piece leaving about 2” on each end not sewn; sew back and forth to lock the beginning and end to secure. Use no more than ¼” seam allowance. Continue to pull the 2 sides to be lined up. Velvet wiggles; you may want to exert a little tension to line up, but not too much. 
5.    Examine the piece: make sure you caught both sides. 
6.    Turn the tube right-side out.
7.    Turn down the two ends which are unsewn and pin right-sides together. Sew carefully along the 2.5” length. Trim close to seam.
8.    Flip the seam and you should have the scarf completed except for about 2” at back of neck. Carefully hand sew the opening using the ladder stitch to hide stitching.



Diagram showing pattern for cutting. 2.5" at selvage edge then mark at 6" down and cut angle. 

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