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Looking for Hand Dyed Velvet?


I dye off-white velvet using several dye techniques to create solid, mottled, spot and dip dyed effects.


My velvet is stretchy and works wonderfully for traditional rug hooking, appliqué and rug braiding. Adds texture and 'catches' the light'. 

I think the advantages of stretch velvet include:

  • It cuts cleanly; no fraying or shredding and no hairs!  Especially good for applique.

  • It drapes beautifully with plump loops for hooking or braiding.


  • It is a little heavier than silk velvet and does not squish down to hooking foundation.
  • It provides a good weight for turning under in applique. 


The velvet is organized in color groupings, multi-color and bundles. 

My cassoulets are spot dyed usually with 3 or more colors and 8x60" for $15.

I also dye taffeta. It hooks up shiny and knobby, a great contrast to both wool and velvet.Both velvet and taffeta can add extra texture to appliqué and can be used fused or unfused. 

I invite you to visit the gallery page for examples and video page for a short video about cutting and hooking with velvet.

I send a tip sheet with all new orders!

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