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US: Depends on order: $5 for orders up to $30US; $7 for orders $31-70US; $10 for orders $71-100US. 
                                                       Free shipping for orders $100 and over

Canada:  Free shipping for orders more than $120US. 
Otherwise based on weight: Up to 8oz: $9.9
9US; 9-16oz: $12.99US; 17-32oz: $15.49; 33-48oz: $19.49US
The shipping is calculated on the website; I will refund excess if overpayment. 
-Each 6x30" piece velvet weighs approximately 1.5oz; each grab bag of strips weighs about 4oz.
- Happy to weigh your order and tell you weight before I invoice. Also happy to ship to a US address if easier. 
Other countries: Glad to ship; contact me

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