Look What You Can Do, Beyond Wool!

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Jeremiah is hooked with 7 different fabrics:

Velvets in legs, circles; trees;

Taffetas in eyes, stars; Wool Yarn in trees and landscape; Silk in sky;  Wool in frog's body, water and quillies; Sari Silk in frog's head; Nylon in circles.

For story of creating Jeremiah, check out the ATHA magazine Dec/Jan 2018 issue

Art Work by Karla Gerard ;

Hooked by Dianne Tobias

 Velvet, taffeta, wool 

Hooked by Teresa Duley

 Punch Hooking

Velvet, Taffeta, Wool Yarn

Designed and punched by Kelly Wright


Velvet in pansies and leaves; Taffeta in jar

Made by Imelda Arellano, pattern by Kim Powers



Made by Dianne Tobias

  Wool hooking and velvet braid

Hooked by Kelsie Dore; braided by Dianne Tobias;

pattern Patriotic Pinwheel, Gott Wool

Heading 2

Hooked and braided by Dianne Tobias

Pattern Four Seasons, Joan Mcgown Flynn

Various braided/hooked projects with Velvet, Taffeta, Wool, Silk

Made by Dianne Tobias

Pattern by Molly Colgrove

Adapted with permission from Motawi tile

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