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Me... Dianne Tobias


As a traditional rug hooker and rug braider, I enjoy working with wool. It was a natural progression to begin dyeing wool for my use when I couldn’t find them commercially.

A number of years ago, I began incorporating velvet into both my hooking and braiding. Velvet colors were even harder to find just the right color and so it was just an evolution to incorporate the two and I begin to dye velvet.

Taffeta, sometimes called 'poor man's silk' followed, as both the velvet and taffeta can marry in the dyepot. 

I am a retired pharmacist so experimenting with dye fascinates me. I find the combination of creativity and exactness fit my personality perfectly!

I am the co author of "Combining Rug Hooking and Braiding. Basics, Borders and Beyond" (Schiffer, 2011) with Kris McDermet and Christine Manges.  I have taught at ATHA, TIGHR and at various other venues. 

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